The fastest way to get tech help is to email tech help (instructions below) to submit a ticket. Please submit a separate ticket for each item you need help with, as it may involve more than one Tech and it is the fastest way to get help for each.

If you need help, please email your school’s helpdesk:

tech-help-mainst@… Main St

tech-help-shs@… Soledad High

tech-help-gab@… Gabilan

tech-help-sv@… San Vicente

tech-help-jf@… Jack Franscioni

tech-help-rf@… Rose Ferrero

tech-help-fl@… Frank Ledesma

tech-help-cec@… Pinnacles High

tech-help-dist@…District Wide Staff – 

Please include the information below in your ticket. If you are unable to email for tech help, please call your school site for assistance.

  • In the subject line, state what the main topic is, ie. Aeries login, Apple TV not working.  Type more than “need help”— the fact that you are putting in a tech request is signal enough you need help. 
  • Include your school & room number
  • Include the device type that is having the issue – Elementary teachers, please leave any tech to be fixed in the classroom.  iPad can be left in the cart. 
  • Best time to stop by your classroom
  • Be as descriptive as possible about the issue you are having
    • I cannot log into Go Math!
    • I am getting an error that states ____________
  • Include any pictures or screenshots 
  • Include best way to contact

Keep an eye on your email for helpdesk responses asking for more information or notifying of action taken on your ticket 

Please do not email myself or Tech’s directly to ask for support

There are busy times of the year- beginning, after breaks, end, that tech gets inundated with requests.  Patience is requested. 

Feel free to ask questions (general, specific) without needing help in a tech request. Tech is happy to answer any questions you may have.

And finally, if we do not know about it; we cannot fix it. 

A Tech will get back to you as soon as possible!